NeuroBlate® System Hardware

Simple Integration into the MRI Suite

The NeuroBlate System hardware includes a desktop monitor, electronics rack, robotic interface and may utilize AtamA® Patient Board and Head Fixation.

Class 4 Laser Laser Radiation

AtamA® System

The AtamA System was designed to create a streamlined workflow for procedures that require the patient to undergo an MRI examination before, during or after neurosurgical procedures. It is comprised of a patient transfer board and an integrated patient stabilization system.

AtamA System

Patient transfer and head stabilization system for the MRI.

AtamaA Patient Board
Patient transfer

  • Integrates versatile head fixation into a patient transfer board for efficient patient transport from OR to MRI.
  • 1.5 T or 3.0 T MR Conditional.
  • Secured patient head position ensures temporal and spatial imaging accuracy for MRI-guided neuro-interventions.
  • Starburst Adapter enables attachment of image guided surgery hardware for navigation.
AtamA Patient Board

AtamA System. Technical Brochure

AtamA System

Patient transfer and head stabilization system for the MRI.

Split Ring Head Fixation
Head stabilization

  • Removable head fixation ring allows for reliable head immobilization.
  • Head fixation ring can be rotated and fixed for flexible positioning.
  • Multiple pin positions around the ring enables optimal fixation.
Split Ring Fixation

AtamA System. Technical Brochure


The AtamA Patient Stabilization System is indicated for neurosurgical procedures requiring the patient’s head to be stabilized or fixed, including use in conjunction with a magnetic resonance (MR) imaging system to collect MR data and images of the human brain before, during, and at the end of brain surgery, in a standard operating room, diagnostic MR rooms, or in a MR intra-operative room, while stabilizing the patient’s head during neurosurgical procedures and imaging.

All brain surgeries carry risk. Possible adverse events include, but are not limited to, minor or major tissue injury, and infection. Prior to using these devices, please review the Instructions for Use for a complete listing of indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions and potential adverse events.

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