NeuroBlate is the only minimally invasive, robotic, laser thermotherapy that uses MRI-guided surgical ablation technology designed specifically for use in the brain. NeuroBlate provides precise and maximal brain lesion ablation for patients without the invasiveness of an open neurosurgical procedure. The precise nature of the procedure helps lessen the likelihood of harm to nearby healthy tissue.1

Robotically Controlled Probe Driver

Precise nature of the NeuroBlate System helps to lessen the likelihood of harm to nearby healthy tissue.1

Mini-Bolt Access

Designed to require only a small hole in the skull, about the diameter of a pencil.

MRI-Guided Laser Energy

Intended to precisely ablate unwanted tissue in the brain.

Monteris NeuroBlate System


The NeuroBlate System portfolio offers a comprehensive, full solution laser ablation system that includes disposables, hardware, Fusion™ Software and TruTemp™ Technology.

NeuroBlate System. Technical Overview


Monteris provides technology for neurosurgeons, which allows them to ablate (destroy with heat), brain structures such as brain tumors, radiation necrosis, and epileptic foci. Monteris technology includes the NeuroBlate System, AtamA, and MiniBolt devices, which may be used together to apply the focused laser energy with little or no effect on surrounding healthy tissue. The NeuroBlate System provides clinicians a tool that offers near real-time control and MRI visualization of the therapy during laser ablation treatment.

All brain surgeries carry risk. Possible adverse events include, but are not limited to, hematoma, embolic events, edema, bleeding, cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) leakage, infection, unintended major tissue damage and permanent neurological deficits. Prior to using these devices, please review the Instructions for Use for a complete listing of indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions and potential adverse events.

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1. Rennert RC, Khan U, Barktek J Jr et al. Laser Ablation of Abnormal Neurological Tissue Using Robotic Neuroblate System (LAANTERN): procedural safety and hospitalization. Neurosurgery. published online: May 11, 2019. (doi: 10.1093/neuros/nyz141)