4. Intra-Operative MRI-Guided Laser Ablation

Neuroblate laser ablation simulation showing machine

The surgeon places the desired NeuroBlate® Optic™ Laser Probe through the robotically controlled probe driver allowing the surgeon to remotely adjust depth and laser directionality as needed during the ablation. A single pre-ablation 3D scan is obtained. The surgeon describes the intended ablation contours, precisely identifies position of the laser probe in the brain, defines the three thermal imaging planes, and starts the ablation.  As the tissue heats up, the NeuroBlate Fusion™ Software displays the thermal damage progress in three orthogonal planes relative to trajectory.

The NeuroBlate® System uniquely features TruTemp™ Technology to mitigate the factors that negatively influence MRI thermometry, providing confidence in the accuracy of the ablation zone prediction and added safety assurance.

If deemed necessary, more than one trajectory can be done with a single laser probe without the expense of opening a new one.