M*Vision Pro™ Software

M*Vision Pro™ is the intelligence behind Monteris Medical’s NeuroBlate® System. The software allows neurosurgeons to plan, deliver and monitor MRI-guided, robotic laser thermotherapy.  M*Vision Pro™ features TruTemp™ technology to account for variables that negatively influence the accuracy of MRI thermometry during laser ablation.



M*Vision Pro™ has the ability to import pre-operatively planned objects co-registered to intraoperative MR images that can be viewed in the background imaging during the ablation. M*Vision Pro™ also allows for intuitive surgical planning with 3D contouring tools.


  • Import most DICOM data types, as well as imaging co-registered to intraoperative MR images by 3rd party surgical planning software, such as BrainLAB Elements, to incorporate pre-operatively created objects, including ablation target contours and post-processed DTI (fiber tracking).
  • Delineate the target ablation area or structures to avoid with interactive, multi-planar volume contouring tools.
  • Establish the precise position of the laser probe with trajectory planning tools.



  • Maintain robotic control of the laser delivery probe linear position and directional orientation from a remote workstation throughout the ablation process.
  • Monitor the intended ablation area in three orthogonal planes, as well as perpendicular slice planes above and below the center of the ablation zone.
  • Visualize thermal imaging data in real-time, superimposed over images with volume contours outlining the intended ablation margins. Thermal Dose Threshold (TDT) lines created during the ablation express varied levels of tissue heating to determine the zone of destroyed tissue.
  • Magnify images up to 100 times without losing resolution.
  • Adjust laser output settings in real time to tailor the ablation area to the intended target tissue.
  • Minimize the risk of over or underestimating ablation size with NeuroBlate® TruTemp™ technology’s algorithms, which help to minimize variables that can negatively influence the accuracy of MR thermometry.
M*Vision Pro™ software is part of a comprehensive, full solution laser ablation system that includes integrated hardware and laser delivery probe technology.

M*Vision Pro™ displays the ablation contours in all three orthogonal planes, with probes eye views on top and trajectory views on bottom.

M*Vision Pro™ TDT lines express the cumulative thermal dose to tissue based on time and temperature. The light blue line represents the intended ablation target; the yellow line represents a lower dose of thermal energy from which tissue can recover.; and the dark blue line represents a higher dose where tissue will be destroyed. The physician can choose any one of three dose levels to be displayed at any time during the ablation.

M*Vision Pro™ features exclusive TruTemp™ technology that mitigates the factors that negatively influence MRI thermometry, providing confidence in the accuracy of the ablation zone.

M*Vision Pro™ features exclusive TruTemp™ technology that mitigates the factors that negatively influence MRI thermometry, providing confidence in the accuracy of the ablation zone.


  • Import immediate post-therapy or follow-on MR images to correlate the imaged ablation area with calculated TDT lines.
  • Auto-screen capture at each thermal measurement allows for therapy play back, post-procedure video production, and the ability to create case studies.


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NeuroBlate® is a tool, as opposed to a ‘treatment,’ that can be used to address various tumors and lesions.  NeuroBlate is not intended to treat any specific disease. Physicians should use their clinical judgment and experience when deciding where to use NeuroBlate. See Monteris.com/IFU for Full Prescribing Information.