Disposables include Optic Laser Probes, Probe Driver, and Mini-Bolt Access.




The NeuroBlate Optic Laser Probe: The FIRST and ONLY commercially available laser probe with fiber optic controlled cooling.

  • Delivering Surgical Confidence with Fiber Optic Technology
  • The NeuroBlate Optic Laser Probe delivers increased confidence for patient safety when in the MRI, as all patient contacting components are non-metallic.


  • Freedom to Customize One or More Ablation Trajectories
  • Due to its non-metallic fiber optic temperature sensor, the NeuroBlate Optic Laser Probe allows more freedom to customize the trajectory during surgical planning and positioning. This is especially noteworthy for procedures with challenging target locations.
  • The NeuroBlate System allows for either single trajectories or multiple, sequential trajectories with one probe. This multiple use of a single probe during a procedure is unique when compared to other brain laser ablation surgery options, thus avoiding additional cost.
Optic laser probes

The NeuroBlate Optic Laser Probe includes a sapphire capsule over the laser fiber, enabling prolonged laser firing.

Pulsed laser firing allows probe cooling between firing intervals, which supports directionality and controlled ablation.


  • Regulated Probe Cooling
  • The fiber optic sensor delivers data to the NeuroBlate® Fusion™ Software, which regulates probe cooling and ensures controlled ablation. This provides added safety assurance.
  • Pressurized carbon dioxide (CO2) is continuously adjusted by the NeuroBlate Fusion Software to maintain probe tip internal temperature. This helps control tissue ablation.

Optic Laser Probes

The first and only commercially available laser probe with fiber optic cooling


Precise laser probe positioning prevents laser probe misplacement

Probe can be directed from the work station during the procedure

Hands-off laser manipulation reduces multiple trips into MR scan room and procedure delays

Robotically Controlled Probe Driver

Low profile delivery platform for robotic laser thermotherapy


Rigid skull fixation for neurosurgical devices

Solid titanium construction

Available in 2.2 mm and 3.3 mm inner diameter

4.5 mm diameter hole

Allows a direct interface to the NeuroBlate Robotic Probe Driver for precise laser probe control and laser delivery

Accessories and adapters allow on-trajectory placement using an array of stereotactic frames and navigated articulated arms

1.5 T or 3.0 T MR-conditional

neuroblate disposable mini bolts for laser ablation

Mini-Bolt Access

The only cranial bolt system that enables a robotic interface for protected and precise therapy.