NeuroBlate Outreach Portal

The NeuroBlate® Outreach Portal provides resources and information specifically for medical professionals, the media, marketing staff and patients about minimally invasive robotic laser thermotherapy for ablating lesions in the brain.

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The following resources seek to help hospital marketing teams and members of the media explain the process and benefits of the NeuroBlate® laser ablation procedure in an understandable manner. 

Promotional Resources

 Press Release Template (DOC)

 Procedure Overview for Patients (Video)

 Patient Procedure for Patients - Spanish Version (Video)

 System Fly-Through Animation (Video)


Marketing Profile Samples

Marketing Profiles are case studies that feature a hospital and how it meets the challenge of patient care using the latest minimally invasive technology - the Neuroblate® system. These sample profiles can be a valuable resource example for institutions who wish to share their technology story and best practices with colleagues and the community.

Design files can be provided for easy adaptation, branding and template use.

 Marketing Profile: St. Lukes Hospital

 Marketing Profile: Florida Hospital

 Marketing Profile: Cleveland Clinic


Information about Monteris Medical 

Monteris Medical is focused on providing innovative MRI-guided neurosurgical ablation tools and solutions for neurosurgeons. By combining the imaging power of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), advanced navigation software and Laser Interstitial Thermal Therapy (LITT), Monteris Medical has created a system to reach virtually any area of the brain.

Key Business Facts

• Founded: 1999
• Employees: 75
• Location: Plymouth, Minnesota and Winnipeg, Manitoba
• Currently used at multiple sites in the US, and now also available in Canada

 Download our Business Summary 


Product Images and Logos 

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NeuroBlate Man with Cranial Bolt       MONT_cent_pos_2clr  NBS_rgb_1c

The following resources seek to help medical professionals have a greater understanding of the NeuroBlate® System in support of educating patients for appropriate referral. 

About Laser Interstitial Thermal Therapy

 What is laser therapy?

 The Role of Laser Interstitial Thermal Therapy (LTT) (PDF)


Product Pages 

 NeuroBlate® System

  AtamA™ System

 Laser Delivery Probe

 M•Vision Pro™ Software

 Monteris® Mini-Bolt

 Intellectual Property

 Instructions for Use


Physician Resources

 Physician Information Form: Please complete and return this form to provide Monteris Medical with the needed information to add user neurosurgeons to the online "Find a Physician" database. 

 NeuroBlate Outreach Program Overview: Educate physicians and patient community utilizing the Neuroblate Outreach Program.  The overview provides the foundation to introduce resources and tools to engage physicians and patients.

 NeuroBlate Lucite Brain Model:  Graphic illustration to help educate physicians on how the NeuroBlate procedure works and placement of the probe.

 NeuroBlate Patient Education App Flyer: This flyer provides an overview and download instructions for the physician-to-patient smartphone/tablet app that helps physicians explain laser therapy for brain lesions via procedure animations and simple graphical tools. 

 GBM – Current and future treatment (PDF) 

 Clinical Publications Bibliography 

 Surgical Case Report Form (PDF)


Referring Physician Outreach

 NeuroBlate Referring Physician Guide (TRI FOLD):  Pocket-sized handout designed to explain what the NeuroBlate (LITT) procedure is and what referring physicians need to address with patients.

 NeuroBlate Referring Physician Guide (BROCHURE):  Brochure overview on NeuroBlate (LITT) procedure and frequently asked questions.

 NeuroBlate Outreach Referring Physician Webinar Flyer:  Flyer outlines the NeuroBlate Referring Physician Webinar that can be used to educate referring physicians and medical staff on what NeuroBlate is and how it can benefit patients.

 NeuroBlate Grand Rounds FlyerCOMING SOON! This flyer is designed to promote a guest Key Opinion Leader (specialist physician) to visit a local hospital either to do grand rounds or symposium to educate referring physicians about the NeuroBlate technology and procedure.

 Patient Referral Form (DOC)

 Patient Referral Letter Template (DOC) 

 Referring Physician Slide Deck (PDF)




The following resources seek to help medical professionals talk to patients about brain lesions and minimally invasive ablative therapy. 

Educational Resources

 24 Questions to Ask Your Doctor  (Webpage) Sample webpage content for patient facing websites. In basic FAQ format, this page showcases questions that patients commonly will want to discuss with their physician.  

 Lesion Types and Approach Videos (Video)

 NeuroBlate System Procedure Review -  For Patients (Video)



The materials noted in this section are designed to be utilized by a physician to interact with a patient to answer questions and help guide the NeuroBlate patient discussion.

Physician to Patient App Informational Brochure (PDF)

 Lucite Desktop Patient Visual Aid Order Form (PDF)

 My Brain Surgery Options Cards (PDF)

 NeuroBlate® Patient Guide - English (PDF) 

 NeuroBlate® Patient Guide - Spanish (PDF)

 NeuroBlate® Patient Guide - French Canadian (PDF)



To order a supply of patient brochures or My Brain Surgery Options promotional cards, please send request to