Medical Professionals


As a medical professional focused on abnormalities of the brain, Monteris Medical is committed to providing you the latest in technological innovations to ablate, necrotize or coagulate soft tissue encountered in the discipline of neurosurgery through the application of laser thermotherapy.

Monteris Medical’s NeuroBlate® System can remove diseased tissue, such as tumors and lesions, in patients consulting with physicians about cancer, epilepsy, and other brain conditions.

Why MRI-Guided Neurosurgical Ablation?

The NeuroBlate System is minimally-invasive, is surgeon controlled, and provides laser energy for target coagulation (cell death) while offering the potential for reduced patient side-effects. The procedure employs unique, directional laser technology, real-time MRI-thermometry, and proprietary software to enable the treating neurosurgeon to precisely “sculpt” the ablation to conform to irregular target margins.

With traditional brain tumor surgery physicians use MRI after a procedure to determine if the entire lesion has been removed. NeuroBlate allows the surgeon to use MRI visualization during live surgery, offering a new set of metrics for surgical decision making. The small diameter NeuroBlate System laser can reach most areas of the brain, creating a new option for lesions previously considered “non-resectable.”