images of NeuroBlate neurological ablation process

Thermal monitoring  – Laser actuation

  • Targeted cell damage is represented as contours (outlines) on each slice
  • Contours have 3 damage levels:
    • Yellow: Contained tissue has been exposed to the thermal equivalent of 43°C for 2 minutes duration. Tissue outside the yellow contour lines has a higher probability of receiving no thermal damage
    • Blue: Contained tissue has been exposed to the thermal equivalent of 43°C for 10 minutes duration
    • White: Contained tissue has been exposed to the thermal equivalent of 43°C for 60 minutes duration. Preclinical studies indicated that all tissue within this boundary died in ≤48 hours


NeuroBlate brain imaging system

Match the software rendered probe to the actual position of the laser probe in the brain

  • The insert task is used to match the probe location in an MRI scan to where NeuroBlate® Fusion Software considers the probe to be
  • The probe void shows up in an MRI scan as a dark black line in the brain
  • Once the trajectory is confirmed, the probe’s target linear and rotary values can be changed
  • Blue is the target
  • Confirming a new target position causes the real probe to move


image of minimally invasive laser ablation software

Define the radial orientation (direction the laser exits the probe) for SideFire®

  • The align task is used to define the starting point (0 degree point) of rotation where the laser exits for SideFire®


minimally invasive laser therapy software

Describe the entry location and anatomical target for probe insertion in the brain

  • A trajectory is essentially a line in 3D space that connects 2 points – entry point & target point


NeuroBlate brain imaging for laser ablation

Define anatomical regions of the brain

  • The volume task allows users to define anatomical areas of interest in the brain
  • Volumes are most often used to define treatment regions (e.g., tumors)
  • Can also be used to define “no-go” zones (i.e., a sensitive brain area the user does not want to ablate)


NeuroBlate software example

Load and fuse (co‑register) DICOM image data

  • DICOM image data is loaded in this task
  • Image data sets are co-registered (fused) together using manual or automatic settings
  • Auto and manual registration are used to match the secondary to the master