images of NeuroBlate neurological ablation process

Thermal monitoring  – Laser actuation

  • Targeted cell damage is represented as contours (outlines) on each slice
  • Contours have 3 damage levels:
    • Yellow: Contained tissue has been exposed to the thermal equivalent of 43°C for 2 minutes duration. Tissue outside the yellow contour lines has a higher probability of receiving no thermal damage
    • Blue: Contained tissue has been exposed to the thermal equivalent of 43°C for 10 minutes duration
    • White: Contained tissue has been exposed to the thermal equivalent of 43°C for 60 minutes duration. Preclinical studies indicated that all tissue within this boundary died in ≤48 hours


NeuroBlate brain imaging system

Match the software rendered probe to the actual position of the laser probe in the brain

  • The insert task is used to match the probe location in an MRI scan to where NeuroBlate® Fusion Software considers the probe to be
  • The probe void shows up in an MRI scan as a dark black line in the brain
  • Once the trajectory is confirmed, the probe’s target linear and rotary values can be changed
  • Blue is the target
  • Confirming a new target position causes the real probe to move


image of minimally invasive laser ablation software

Define the radial orientation (direction the laser exits the probe) for SideFire

  • The align task is used to define the starting point (0 degree point) of rotation where the laser exits for SideFire


minimally invasive laser therapy software

Describe the entry location and anatomical target for probe insertion in the brain

  • A trajectory is essentially a line in 3D space that connects 2 points – entry point & target point


NeuroBlate brain imaging for laser ablation

Define anatomical regions of the brain

  • The volume task allows users to define anatomical areas of interest in the brain
  • Volumes are most often used to define treatment regions (e.g., tumors)
  • Can also be used to define “no-go” zones (i.e., a sensitive brain area the user does not want to ablate)


NeuroBlate software example

Load and fuse (co‑register) DICOM image data

  • DICOM image data is loaded in this task
  • Image data sets are co-registered (fused) together using manual or automatic settings
  • Auto and manual registration are used to match the secondary to the master